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Get Smart. Get Sas Day Break, our letter to you.
(We promise not to sell or rent your name.)
"I needed savvy women . . . . They accompanied me during long conferences with my lawyers.They came with me to court.  I knew they had my back 100%."

I feel very fortunate to have found SAS when I did.  I was emotionally drained and felt powerless and lost in this crazy process.  SAS took care of me so I did not have to bear my troubles alone.  I needed practical solutions to very tough problems.  I needed a shoulder to cry on without judgement.  I needed savvy women who were totally on my side.  They accompanied me during long conferences with my lawyers.  They came with me to court.  I knew they had my back 100%. -- Client N.C.

"I am finding meaning in my life . . . ."

Kim and Liza have touched my life in such a deep and profound way.  Slowly, with their help, I am finding meaning in my life and reasons to move forward. -- Client T.K.

“My experience with Kim and Liza has transformed me...”

When I came to SAS I felt confused, directionless, and alone. Kim and Liza provided me with space to talk about everything. I gained confidence and peace knowing that I had two advocates to listen and advise me. Each session, they helped me with practical issues by assisting me in listing manageable, concrete steps to take. I felt stronger and more in control knowing exactly what my next steps were. The part of my experience with SAS that changed me the most was the coaching where I learned to deeply explore my thoughts and feelings around various topics in my life. It opened windows into my psyche that helped me understand myself better. My experience with Kim and Liza has transformed me into a more confident woman. -- Client P.T.

“I looked forward to every week...”

I looked forward to every week and it helped me get to a better place. I've never been so vulnerable around anyone, but I'm glad I opened up. -- Client M.S.

"(A) champion for me and my ideas ... a no-nonsense . . . high energy "can-do" coach. . ."

Liza is such a champion for me and my ideas.  She makes me feel that what I want to do, can be done and I am the perfect person to do it. She's a no-nonsense coach who uses every second of time with richness.  She starts with asking what I want and why that is important to me, then gets right to work on directing me to make an action plan right in the session with her.  She gives feedback and resources. She helps me brainstorm widely and then in details.  She then guides me to take those ideas and prioritize them into actionable steps.  She challenges me to be brave and take the small first steps.  She helps me to be accountable to myself by reporting my progress back to her by email.  Liza is a high-energy "can-do" coach. Anyone would be enriched by having her on her side as her coach and ally! -- Peer Coach, M.P.

“…(I)t was so freeing and empowering."

I liked the balance between . . . the intellectual knowledge and sharing our emotions. This was hard and I never thought I could deal with my situation in front of other people, but it was so freeing and empowering. -- Client P.L.

"Liza has enriched my life deeply . . . I highly recommend that you experience her coaching. "

Liza has the knack of articulating exactly what you need -- be it spurring you to action or encouraging quiet introspection.  Her brilliance lies in the nuances and subtleties she brings to the table while exploring every facet of your agenda.  I've shared some very deep, dark experiences with Liza only to be welcomed by a safe, reliable, and compassionate coach, whom I feel comfortable with at every possible level.  Liza has enriched my life deeply. I highly recommend that you experience coaching with her. -- Client S.M.

"Today, I am happily married and more confident in myself."

Liza inspired me to listen to myself and to make changes in my relationship. She has such a positive energy, she made me feel she really understood me.  Like she knew what I was going through. She listened to my needs.  I felt heard!  Today, I am happily married and more confident in myself.  I highly recommend Liza. -- Client J.E.

"My experience was great!"

My experience was great!  ....I felt very comfortable talking to Kim about my emotions..She is very understanding, comforting and a great listener.  I love the fact that we shared not only my experiences but she also shared her experiences with me.-- Client Y.C.

"A safe place to express my feelings."

The Grief Recovery Program at SAS is wonderful program, led by a kind, insightful and caring leader. Kim gently guides you through a 7-week process which will help you to deal with unresolved issues caused by grief.  It's not always easy or fun and it's not a miracle, but it gave me permission and a safe place to express my feelings after the unexpected death of my husband." -- Client D.M.

“Wonderful to work with...empathetic and caring....”

Kim was wonderful. She was very open in sharing her experiences, which made it easier for me to share my own experiences and when I did, she was respectful and interested. She is well-versed in the program material and was able to tie everything together in our meetings. She is very easy to talk to; empathetic and caring. I looked forward to our meetings even though the topic was difficult and upsetting at times. I appreciated her warmth and her hugs! -- Client D.M.