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Should You or Shouldn't Yo uDivorce

Should You or Shouldn’t You Divorce? 

Free Webinar. Learn what knowing if you must divorce looks like and the 4 Big Mistakes you must avoid. This divorce advice is for you if you fear you cannot afford a divorce; worry what divorce (or staying right where you are) might do to the kids; are afraid you will regret doing something (or not doing anything); are seemingly “functioning” but deep down torn apart; feel alone and can’t believe you find yourself on this page; know on some level, something has got to change.

Master Class

Master Class: How to Know If Divorce is Right for You & What You Must Know to Do It

Register discreetly and join this powerful class designed to address the legal, practical, & emotional needs of women contemplating or steering through divorce. This webinar (and its diverse features) combines a lifetime of experience & education so you are prepared, equipped & aware of the twists in the journey. (Choose to watch it now — or when you have the time & focus.)


Facing the Emotional Fear of Divorce with Liza Caldwell

Free Podcast. Liza and top NYC financial adviser Stacy Francis discuss how to navigate through the challenges and fears of the “4 Stages of Divorce.” Drawing on her own story and the fear she felt about changing her life, Liza provides divorce advice for women around the globe; steps you can take for managing your own experience and also, advancing your clarity.

Divorce Finance

3 Things You Must Know About Money & Divorce

Free recording with Maggie Patrick, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. Learn if you should you get a job sooner or later if you are divorcing. What if you are the breadwinner, will you have to pay spousal support? What is the biggest mistake women make when it comes to the marital home?

Divorce Advice: How to Have a Healthy Divorce

Free recording. Learn why (even if you don’t want the divorce) being proactive is better than being reactive. And discover the Big Picture you must keep central if you are a parent.

Prepared and Protected Divorce

Prepared & Protected: A Primer on Insurance for Independent Women

Free recording with Insurance Pro Lisa Horowitz. Mention this recording and get your own free, 30-minute consultation with Lisa H. for your insurance questions and concerns.

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Divorce Advice: Surviving the Holidays

Free recording. Seasoned perspective, ideas & suggestions for supporting yourself (and your family) when you are not feeling so fa la la.