Divorce Support and Solutions

Divorce Support and Solutions

Since 2012, SAS for Women® is dedicated to helping women navigate the complicated emotional and practical landscape of divorce and major-life challenges. Our specialty is helping women understand the choices for change they are facing, and to not only adapt, but to triumph through adversity.


How SAS Helps

We’re advocates that women should never divorce alone.

We provide an education, coaching and a confidential overview of what a woman must know about divorce and after divorce. We do this knowing that if a woman is well informed and her self-esteem cultivated, she will make the healthiest decisions that will lessen the impact on everyone.


Divorce Support Programs

We offer private and group coaching support for women … 1) thinking about 2) dealing with 3) and/or rebuilding their lives after divorce.

For information on what divorce coaching is and how SAS can support you, visit here.

To discuss whether private coaching is right for you, your challenges, and your needs, schedule your quick conversation here.

For more on our live, group coaching program for women thinking about or beginning the divorce/separation process visit Annie’s Group.

For info on our live, group coaching class for women rebuilding their lives after divorce, visit Paloma’s Group.


Pre- and During Divorce Support

If you are thinking about divorce, or beginning the process, we help you slow down and address everything you are confronting: the legal, the financial, the logistical, and the emotional questions and challenges you face today, tomorrow and the day after. Sequencing the steps and pacing you, we help you organize, prioritize and strategize. Among many things, we help you learn … 

  • What you can do IF you are spinning about the decision-making
  • How to know if divorce is right for you. What’s the criteria to know for sure?
  • What steps to be taking (with no risk of regret) if you are thinking about changing your status quo
  • How to support your children through the various stages of separation/divorce
  • How to understand your money and how it will be impacted, so you plan smartly as an independent woman for your future
  • What the best questions to ask a divorce attorney are for your specific story and circumstances
  • Which process (DIY, mediation, collaborative, non-contested, contested) is right for you and the red flags to avoid
  • How to be the most strategic during the process you choose — especially with mediation
  • How to evaluate keeping the family home. Can you stay put or must you move?
  • How to work with your lawyer so you avoid mutual frustration, save money and lessen the risk of court
  • What is the best custody arrangement and parenting plan for your family, and how to coparent healthily?
  • When and how to prepare to go back to work full-time
  • What specific steps you should be taking now to ensure your healthiest outcomes and your optimal divorce recovery
  • How to reclaim yourself — get back in touch with you, your confidence and who you really are underneath all the layers, history, and sediment


Life After Divorce Program

As you recreate your precious life, post-divorce, we guide and educate you on the concrete external issues, and the juicy internal challenges, such as …

  • Gaining perspective and understanding what healing looks like for YOU specifically
  • Processing and appreciating the value of grief — and the loss that comes with change
  • Finalizing details from the divorce/separation and creating best practices for independent living — financially, practically and for optimal well-being
  • Facing your fears, gaining clarity on your life goals, and following through with confidence and impact
  • Finding your tribe: securing the ongoing, reliable support your need for your emotional and healing recovery
  • Returning to work, jump starting, or amping your career
  • Parenting and coparenting
  • Resetting you compass: exploring your passions and finding meaning in your life
  • Navigating legal, financial or logistical issues (including free consultations with lawyers, CPA’s, and other professionals)
  • Discovering new ways to explore your creativity and capacity for problem-solving
  • Exploring independence: dating (how do you go back out there?) and stepping out
  • Learning from other professionals and hearing practical feedback to keep you focused and on track
  • Identifying the action steps you need, and the accountability you desire so you ensure your direction and attain your end goals
  • Gaining the energy, courage and clarity to move forward with grace and depth

To discuss whether private coaching is right for you and your needs, schedule your quick conversation here.

For info on our live, group coaching class for women rebuilding after divorce, visit here for Paloma’s Group.





Female-centered and grounded in education, our divorce support is holistic, action- and outcome-driven. We are proud of our impact helping women regain their sense of certainty and power as they confront and move through the chaos of change.

It is important to note that only through ongoing connection, continued momentum, and mutual commitment do we succeed.



  • We will help you explore and come to understand what your true choices are at this moment in YOUR life
  • By cutting through the rhetoric and overwhelm of divorce “advice” and information, we help you get “unstuck”
  • All our sessions and classes are safe, women-centered, and entirely confidential
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed or we refund any session
  • You will always know what you must do next and you will never feel alone



We’ve been virtual for a few years now! This has allowed us to work with women all over the world.  We connect simply, via telephone, Zoom or WhatsApp.


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