Divorce Support and Solutions

Since 2012, SAS for Women is dedicated to helping women navigate the complicated emotional and practical landscape of divorce and other major-life challenges. We provide women with strategic coaching, a specialized education, and emotional support as they adapt to divorce, separation, career changes, empty nesting, re-entering the work force, and/or widowhood. Our specialty is helping women understand the change they are facing and to not only adapt — but to triumph through adversity.


How SAS Helps

We are your guide. We educate you on where you are on your path to self-renewal and we coach you through your passage. You begin to understand where you are and what is possible at each juncture. This strengthens your control and confidence as you rebuild your life. You breathe again, you begin to heal. If this sounds like it’s about you working on yourself, you are right.

We work with an international client-base via telephone or Skype.


Divorce Coaching Program

For information on what divorce coaching is and how SAS can support you, visit here.

Leadership Coaching Program

In our Leadership Coaching, we educate and coach you on the concrete issues and emotional challenges you face, such as:

  • Returning to work, jump starting, or amping your career
  • Facing your fears, gaining clarity on your goals, and following through with impact
  • Securing the ongoing, reliable support your need for your emotional and healing recovery
  • Navigating legal, financial or logistical issues (including free consultations with lawyers, CPA’s, and other professionals)
  • New ways to explore your creativity and capacity for problem-solving
  • Learning from other professionals and hearing practical feedback to keep you focused and on track
  • Identifying the action steps you need, and the accountability you desire so you ensure your direction and attain your end goal


Additional Services:

  • Group coaching
  • Webinars
  • Workshops on relationships, work, balance, personal development, family and well-being
  • Speaking events featuring SAS and other inspiring leaders
  • Research Services & Special Projects
  • Accompaniment to NYC meetings with professionals, attorneys, and to court


Our Philosophy:

Female-centered, our program is holistic, action and outcome-driven. It is designed to help you attain deep-seated and lasting change. Only through ongoing connection, continued momentum, and commitment do we succeed.  There is no magic formula, or pill to pop. Helping you overcome your fears and obstacles requires a commitment to yourself.


Our Commitment:

  • Sessions are safe, women-centered, and entirely confidential
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed or we refund any session


For more details, pricing, or to ask a question, contact us.
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