Dillard says Caldwell’s practical and emotionally supportive coaching allowed her to look inward and shed the trauma of emotional and spiritual abuse instead of panicking over lawyers or money. ‘I started taking guitar lessons again,’ she says. “I threw myself more into my career. I moved firms and got a promotion. I was bright, bright blonde for 15 years and I dyed my hair brunette. I purged everything in the house. Everything that was colorful, I changed to white. I want my surroundings to feel clean and different. Suddenly, I am running in Central Park and I am going to SoulCycle. I became a ‘yes’ person.”

~ Jamie Dillard, in the The New York Post

The coaching from Liza was invaluable for me both from the point where I was sure I wasn’t ready to pull the trigger  — to the point where it was all said and done. Liza and I connected via phone with some texting in between (she was always very responsive), and I felt like her questions and exercises with me brought me to my own decisions. They led me on my own journey. Divorce coaches do not do what therapists or attorneys do (or girlfriends!). It’s much different and I was happy to find Liza because the frame of mind she helped me reach and the support she gave me was not going to be found any place else. Liza also brought some great resources to me in the form of free consultations (financial experts and a life insurance broker). You cannot put a price on this coaching. It wasn’t easy for me to afford with all the expenses popping up with the divorce. But really, I couldn’t have afforded not to have Liza. I encourage women to at least talk to her initially (she does a free consult) and sleep on it. I am very happy in my post-divorce life and I truly feel that Liza Caldwell helped me navigate through the pain and confusing paths to get me where I am.

~ Elyse D.P.

I could not recommend SAS for Women more highly on so many levels. I learned about Liza and Kim in a New York Times article as I started to navigate the often scary divorce process last November. The divorce world is calling them “divorce coaches”, but I found them to be so much more than that. They gave me the tools to tune into myself and my children’s needs vs the often caustic, nasty negative advice that many people like to throw your way when you’re divorcing. It does not have to be so hard — if you go into it with the right frame of mind and all the tools in your arsenal; you can actually make the process collaborative and come out of it a better, more whole person. And they host great networking events that I’ve really enjoyed and met other career women and single moms just like me to look to for support. Many thanks to Liza and Kim for being part of my tribe!

~ S.R.

The process of going through a separation or divorce is so complex from all aspects: psychologically, financially, logistically, the impact on kids and so much more.  I had gone to many therapists, done meditation and tried many things to keep the peace and perspective to make the right decision for myself and for my family.  It is a very hard process and Liza was able to take me on what I can call a “journey” that was finally not cyclical but clearly one that helped me decide the next steps I had to take in my life, in my marriage, in my career, with my friends and with my kids and finally move on.  Liza helps you look at your complete inner and outer life so that your choices are connected to the things that are truly important.  You need someone who can listen, guide you and remind you where you were and where you should go based on clear choices you make together.  She also has a practical way to introduce you to other people who can help you throughout the process (i.e., financial advisors, lawyers, people who can help your children and so on).  I have recommended Liza again and again because what she was able to do for me was life changing.  I am not through the process yet but I am amazed at the clarity and strength I have thanks to SAS.

~ A.L.

I highly recommend SAS for Women. In seeking a legal separation after a longterm marriage, I worked with Kimberly Mishkin for several months as she helped me to navigate this highly unfamiliar (and scary!) territory. I could not have done this (and stay sane at the same time!) without Kim’s wise, gentle, knowledgeable, and compassionate guidance. Kim and SAS – you’re the best! Thank you so much.

~ Deborah Schlein

When I heard about SAS for Women I had already been separated for over two years and divorced for almost one. I’ve often heard that it takes a couple of years post-initial emotional roller coaster to feel that we are back on our feet. I was feeling just that, finally grounded, when suddenly, ghosts from my “past” married life resurfaced, pulling the rug right out from under me — shattering my entirely new, recreated existence! I thought I had been through “reinvention,” but suddenly, there I was, once again! I had lost it all.

I reached out to Liza who had worked with a good friend of mine and she helped me gain a broader perspective, accept my mistakes, be kinder to myself, close past doors with dignity and eventually heal. What I like most about Liza’s approach is how action-oriented it is. Different than therapy, Liza helped me define a framework of specific and fully customized action items to mitigate and survive the crisis. I wish I had had the support of SAS during my divorce, but am grateful that I received the exact survival tools I needed at a time when I did not expect another traumatic shift, but was hit with one. Now emerging from the post-divorce fog and the hurdles of building a new career, I feel I’m strong again. I now have a clearer path!

~ K.D.

I was emotionally drained and felt powerless and lost in this crazy process. I needed savvy women . . . . The SAS Team accompanied me during long conferences with my lawyers. They came with me to court. I knew they had my back 100%.

~ Nancy C.

Even though I have a very supportive family, when I separated from my husband, I felt like I was burdening them with my problems. Kim was just what I needed… a truly caring person who has been there herself and knows how painful it can be. With her professional background and training, she has guided me through the rough patches with sound advice delivered in a calm and reassuring manner. Her service is worth every penny.

~ Mary Thompson

I engaged Liza as a divorce coach and am highly satisfied with the service. Liza’s toolkit brings clarity in confusion, and honors the emotional whilst enabling one to cut through to next steps.  I recognize my words in the path she helped me carve, but I would have been unable to see the forest for the trees without her guidance. These gals rock with substance! Warm thanks.

~ Meg

My life changed from one day to another in early March of 2014 when my husband (and father of my children) informed me that our 16 year relationship “wasn’t working out anymore.” The following months were an excruciatingly painful period of self-doubt, panic, and fear mixed with a cocktail of anxiety and depression. Eventually I began to be able to lift my head up again and network with resources for women that had or were experiencing similar circumstances and through this network met Liza Caldwell.

Liza has been a pillar of support during this period offering exactly the right medicine and advice for the moment: a shoulder to cry on, constructive advice, additional resource referrals, and, in particular, objective coaching to help identify core values that have become the real working tools of healing.

Through the many months of my separation knowing that there was always a person out there whom I could rely on has kept me coming back for her support and guidance. There have honestly been many days during this time when I have acknowledged that I felt that I would not have made it through without her. As I now start to see light at the end of the tunnel, I owe a debt of gratitude to her and to her approach which I can only describe as the heart of compassion and understanding.

~ Jenny

The prospect of divorce was overwhelming. I honestly did not know where to begin. And then Kim happened. She sat me down. Told me everything was going to be ok. And then we put my new life in motion. We checked my credit score, got my banking straightened out, and hired a fantastic lawyer. During a time when I was out of my mind with grief Kim was there. I am now very happily divorced and so so thankful that I had SAS.

~Megan Carey Mackell

Please know how extremely grateful I am for all you’ve done –  tools, resources, encouragement. Even though I’m still in the midst of everything and many of my strengths are only percolating, it means the world that you believe they will manifest for me. I shudder to think where I’d be had I not learned of your services (and yes, I was terrified to call and meet with you, too!)

Thank you, Kim, for helping me to heal and teaching me that it’s okay to rely on experts and resources, especially when I’m unable to fully rely on myself. I am learning how (and how important it is) to scaffold together my voice and power. You have been an unexpected angel of a blessing to me.

~ D.B.

I was in search for a divorce support group and came upon your website, which sounded like it was just what I was looking for. I missed my appointment with Liza, but not only did she suggest a call in lieu of the appointment, she was incredibly gentle, but firm, loving but helped me set some clear boundaries … I felt validated and understood.  In the time that I spent on the phone with Liza, I felt like I genuinely got out of it more than my many years of therapy. She understood exactly where I am right now and how my emotions can fluctuate from moment to moment. She asked some very poignant questions, which really hit home and from one of my answers I adopted my new mantra: that I owe it to myself to be authentic to me.  I felt comfortable with her and as if I had known her from some time and was having a face to face conversation; now that’s incredibly impressive! The most amazing part of this was that she offered all this nurturing, encouragement, wisdom and education knowing that I probably wouldn’t be able to sign up with her for additional sessions.

I would highly recommend SAS Women to any woman who is simply thinking about possibly separating or divorcing from their husband. You’ll come away with a wealth of education, awareness, resources and will feel validated, nurtured and celebrated for all you are. If you’re as lucky as me you may even feel like you’ve made a friend. This is one decision that I am glad I made as it has become an essential step to moving forward with some clear direction. Thank you SAS for Women and a heartfelt thank you to Liza Caldwell.

~ A.S.

Kim has brought me many incredible blessings in the past 9 months. I feel an enormous gratitude for her thoughtfulness and attention. Her words and advice are an inspiration to keep moving forward. I continue to be sincerely grateful for our ongoing work together. Recently it made a huge difference to talk with her, at a point when I was feeling low and beyond repair. Our conversation helped me to move up and out.

~ I.A.

I was in a very difficult place and didn’t know if my thoughts were valid. I needed someone who didn’t know myself or my husband to listen to the facts and help me understand my feelings. Liza was just that person. She was comforting, kind and most of all helped me understand my feelings. What a wonderful service that I am so lucky to have found. She helped me make the best decision in my life, to choose me over anyone else for once. Thank you Liza and SAS!

~ Alyssa Marie

SAS is a tremendous resource for me in many areas—financial, medical, practical—I am a widow and after my husband died, had to pick up many pieces…..since working with SAS, first with Kim for grief counseling, then with Liza for coaching, I feel in a much better place than I was two years ago. Liza follows up our sessions with a list of tasks that are manageable and that I feel I can tackle with her help. She has connected me with professionals who have given me invaluable advice. I would wholeheartedly recommend SAS for women going through any major life change: Kim and Liza are calm, compassionate, knowledgeable and will be there for you with support, ideas and advice in a non-judgmental safe forum.

~ Denise M.

For years I have been in an unstable marriage, ranging from hesitantly hopeful to downright ugly. I’d thought about leaving so many times but found the vast unknown so nauseatingly scary that I ended up doing nothing and then hating myself for being such a coward. During one conversation with a dear friend I was told about SAS for Women and that I could hire a divorce coach to educate me about and walk me through the process. This was exactly what I needed to help me begin something that had terrified me for years.

Since reaching out to Liza I feel so much more comfortable about what lies ahead. Liza is practical, logical, and straight forward but never loses sight of the amorphous emotional side of this issue, which plays a huge role. Given my distance from NYC, we work by phone. Her warmth and knowledge are so engaging even over the phone lines.

Her coaching includes imparting knowledge from someone who’s been there, specific unintimidating assignments, as well as addressing the feelings that are so deeply entrenched in divorce. She empowers me and celebrates the small victories, never pushing me to move faster than I am ready. At the end of each session she leaves me on a high note, recounting why I should be proud of myself. And then sends a follow up email in the same vein so that I can review for my own information or for a pick me up.

My journey is just beginning. And I honestly don’t know where I’m going to land. However, with Liza as my coach I am no longer afraid. The future remains unknown but I know I will not face the tough times alone.

And that is priceless.

~ Avery O.

I am not a divorcee but was in need of coaching. Liza took the time to sit with me and listen to my story and through our conversation, helped me to realize actions I needed to take to get unstuck. Thank you, Liza!

~ Dena DeOrio

This was hard and I never thought I could deal with my situation in front of other people, but Liza and Kim were so freeing and empowering.

~ Patty T.

Very useful service to help prep me for a custody trial. I needed feedback from a neutral third party, and Kim was a great sounding board.

~ Beth Pinsker

I have been practicing family law in Texas for over 20 years now and have been recognized by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as a family law specialist for 14 of those years. I learned a lot more too when I went through my own divorce 3 years ago. I never thought there would someday be a single resource that could help women and guide them and support them in all areas. Then along came SAS. Liza and Kim will help you decide if you should keep the house or sell it, how to select an attorney, how to put together the best custody plan for your kids, how to invest the money you will receive as part of the divorce settlement. Women seem to think that once the decision to divorce is made, they have reached a huge milestone and that part of their life is now behind them — what they don’t realize is that they are about to embark on a 2 to 3 year journey of roller coaster emotions and reinvention that they never, ever expected.

~ Daryl G. Weinman, Lawyer and Family Law Specialist

My first meeting with them was unlike anything I ever experienced. They customized my session, focusing on my future – instead of my past like traditional therapy sessions. It was just what I needed. I was preparing to leave my job, leave New York City, was writing a one-woman show, and was preparing to direct a musical in Texas. I had a lot on my plate! During our sessions, often done over the phone because of my traveling throughout the country, I was given invaluable tools that I was able to use immediately – to change things! Liza and Kim‘s work is unique. They are a powerful, personable, and balanced team who helped me greatly when I was in a time of enormous life changes.

~ Lori B.

A friend of mine told me about SAS and how SAS had helped her, so I took the plunge. Liza and Kim were amazing. We worked out a step-by-step plan that I would answer to. This worked, because it came from MY ideas. We shaped my ideas into actionable steps. I also visit a therapist on a regular basis. The big difference between therapy and what SAS does is that I don’t just talk through my emotions or setbacks. With SAS coaching. I focus on action plans WITH ACCOUNTABILITY. This translates into successful steps, even if they’re baby steps! No judgment. I work at my own pace. SAS has been game-changing for my life!

~ Doris V.

Liza inspired me to listen to myself and to make changes in my relationship. She has such positive energy; she made me feel she really understood. Like she knew what I was going through. I felt heard. Today, I am happily married and more confident. I trust myself now.

~ Judy E.

I felt confused and alone. Kim and Liza helped me with practical issues by assisting me in listing manageable, concrete steps to take. I felt stronger and more in control. The part of my experience that changed me the most was the coaching. I learned to deeply explore my thoughts and feelings around various topics in my life. It opened windows into my psyche. My experience with Kim and Liza has transformed me.

~ P.T.

Liza and Kim have touched my life in such a deep and profound way. Slowly, with their help, I am finding meaning in my life and reasons to move forward.

~ Terri K.

Liza is such a champion for me and my ideas. She makes me feel that what I want to do can be done! — and I am the perfect person to do it. She’s no-nonsense and uses every second of time with richness. She asks what I want and why that is important to me, then gets right to work on directing me to make an action plan. She helps me brainstorm widely and then in detail. She guides me to prioritize them into actionable steps. She gives feedback and resources. She challenges me to be brave and to take the first steps. I report my progress back to her by email. Liza is a high-energy “can-do” coach.

~ Mary Porcino

My experience was great! I felt very comfortable talking to Kim about my emotions. She is very understanding, comforting and a great listener. I love the fact that we shared not only my experiences but she also shared her experiences with me.

~ Y.C.

I looked forward to every week with Kim. She helped me get to a better place. I’ve never been so vulnerable around anyone, but I’m glad I opened up.

~ M.S.

Liza has the knack of articulating exactly what you need — be it spurring you to action or encouraging quiet introspection. Her brilliance lies in the nuances and subtleties she brings to the table while exploring every facet of your agenda. I’ve shared some very deep, dark experiences with Liza and she has enriched my life deeply.

~ Shweta Modi