Divorce Coaching and Advice for Women

You are wondering if you should or shouldn’t divorce
Or should you separate? Or, maybe you’re stuck on how.

How will you do it? How will you handle this and survive? Because, divorce is so very final.

You are not wrong to be stuck — to be spinning.
For it is impossible to see clearly when your eyes are filled with fear.
And yet, you realize too, you cannot keep living like this.

We want you to know straight up that finding out what’s possible for you — and your family — does not necessarily mean you are getting divorced. It means you are taking steps to become informed.

You are taking small steps, but you are becoming informed.

Be deliberate in your next step.

Join us. Read more divorce advice, counsel, free coaching, and must know’s below (we offer more than 160 articles)
And become part of our discreet but strong community.
We get it, all the fears and most importantly, the hope. Let’s welcome everything that’s bubbling up and do something good with it.

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Where Are You Now?

You are pre-decision. You are thinking about divorce as an exit strategy, but it’s so scary, you remain in a perpetual pause. You have told yourself this is the step you are taking for now —brava, you’ve landed here! You will find out what’s possible. Now, how will you attain relief?

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You seek techniques for coping, insights to the process, and emotional strategies for you and your family’s survival. Above all, are you seeking relief from the fires of divorce and a guide to lead you beyond?

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It’s over. No matter the details, you are not the same woman with the same life. Now that you’ve landed in this new place, who are you? What do you most fundamentally need? Who do you want to be now that there are no more excuses?

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Your life has been one thing, but now it’s changed. You are seeking something new. What must you know, what must you learn to step into your brave Unknown?

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Divorce Support Groups

Our virtual group coaching classes are for women only.

Annie’s Group: For women seeking structure, guidance, education and support as they contemplate … or move into the process of divorce. New group starting April 30th!

Paloma’s Group: For newly independent women, post-divorce, learn the Art of Reinvention and create the woman you want to become.

Gaia’s Group: For mothers seeking best practices, structure & community for co-parenting through & beyond divorce

How to Prepare For Divorce

Join SAS for Women Cofounder Liza Caldwell and NYC Divorce Attorney Randi Karmel. Learn​ how to prepare strategically & legally for divorce and most importantly, get answers to the questions​ keeping you up at night. Stay tuned for upcoming date.

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