Divorce Support Group for Women in the Midst of Divorce

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Our powerful program for women in the midst of a divorce … or a legal separation.


Frida’s Group® is a live, virtual group program, where it's safe to experience, explore, and learn about … 

  • What you need emotionally and what you require practically
    • And how to set yourself up to receive both 
  • Where you are in the process of D or legal separation
    • And the realization it's a stage all unto itself
  • What comes after you’ve filed or you’ve retained a lawyer
    • Or, you’re struggling to do it Solo
  • How to hang on (healthily) if you are mediating, negotiating, and navigating the back and forth
    • You may be on fire with the crisis, while another part doesn't really believe this is your reality
  • Legal & financial perspective, insight, and ways to structure your thinking and approach 
    • Whether you’re currently problem solving or just discovering what needs attention and strategy  


As a soon-to-be Independent Woman … you’ll be relieved to know our next Frida’s Group cohort is starting soon.

But know, seats are limited to TEN participants. 

Schedule your quick chat now to ask your questions and secure your spot before the cohort is closed.

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“For the totality of the experience—the logistical, legal, financial, emotional, empathetic guidance and support, there’s nothing like it.”

- Colette, Minneapolis, Minnesota


“It’s helpful to know you are not alone, to experience the process with the wisdom and support of a group of intelligent women all on the same path. There’s a comfort in strangers, that is simply not possible with friends and family who are not themselves divorcing.” 

—T.Y., New York, New York


"The Frida experience has been awesome. I joined seeking a community and context for what I was going through and found both. I have met inspiring women who understand what I am dealing with and have been compassionate, supportive, and encouraging. I have explored unexpected issues and found unsought insight into aspects of the 'D' process that have helped me find my path and my new self. I have been offered a map and guide through the stages of the process and found much-needed confidence to forge ahead as mistress of my divorce, not victim to it. And throughout there has been Dori. Her knowledge and experience are immense. She steers the meetings with compassion and efficiency. She pulls out the key points from our often unformed contributions that both validate what we are saying whilst showing the rest of the group how we can benefit from the insight. She is always supportive, always positive, and absolutely understands when we talk about things we are not proud of but want help with. I am so glad I signed up. Not only has it equipped me to deal with my Ex and the process of divorce, but it has also encouraged me to look for the self that has been buried in my marriage and realize that I can emerge a happier, wiser woman. Many thanks indeed.

- Shushi, The United Kingdom


Frida’s Group  provides structured support for the emotional and practical stages of divorce or a legal separation with a group of women on their journey of empowerment, together.  


As women we want emotional and practical backing from other women who truly understand. We want female energy. We want their smarts and hearts to help us with what we are living through. 


We waver between a myriad of feelings, often high-octane fumes of adrenalized stress, and others akin to feeling just barely alive. 


For some of us, it is Grief 101, for others it’s overwhelm.


And for some … we feel numb, or we’re resisting ...Yet, It. Is. Happening.


As you take these insights in, you're realizing this path needs to be guided and directed, so through it all, you stay sane, healthy, and whole.


We’re holding a place for you. 

Frida's Group Logo

Our powerful program for women in the midst of a divorce … or a legal separation.

Six Months of Divorce Support & Guidance

WHAT EXACTLY:  Frida is a six-month program of 12 lively, ninety-minute Zoom meetings* providing emotional and practical support for women like you. Your large group conversations will be guided by our very own CDC Divorce Coach & Expert Women's Circle Leader, Dori Braddell. Outside of the large group, you will also be matched with Sister Partners for 6 small-group, script-directed talks.


DESIGNED FOR:  Women in the middle of a divorce or legal separation. (Whether you initiated the process or responded to your spouse’s actions.)


WHO IS THE FRIDA’S GROUP LEADER?  High-conflict divorce survivor, Certified Divorce Coach, and High Conflict Divorce Specialist, Dori Braddell is the group leader and facilitator.

A specialist in guiding clients through the messy emotional and logistical matters of divorce, Dori is also a seasoned women's group leader who has been guiding women in powerful conversations for years. Dori’s joy is bringing women together and facilitating deep, transformational conversations.


TIME:   Wednesdays, 12-1:30 pm EST / 11-12:30 pm CENTRAL / 10-11:30 pm MOUNTAIN / 9-10:30 am PACIFIC (GMT fluctuates with the USA’s use of daylight savings time. Ask Google “What’s the time difference between your city and New York City” — which is EST — to learn the current time difference.)


WHEN:  June 12, June 26, July 10, July 24, Aug 7, Aug 21, Sept 4, Sept 18, Oct 2, Oct 16, Oct 30, Nov 13, 2024.


WHERE:  In your own comfortable private place with a computer or phone. (A car? An office? A friend's house? Your home?)


REQUIREMENTS: A telephone or laptop, a means to take notes, and a commitment to moving through this legal process as healthily and strategically as possible.

Together, we will take on topics involving the following themes:


Managing the Business of Divorce


Rehabbing Your Isolation & Self Judgment


A SAS-Vetted Divorce Attorney Visits & Takes Your Pressing Legal Questions


Coping with Surviving Under the Same Roof Until Things are Finalized


Stepping into Difficult Conversations


Imagining Your Future


Know your why and your ideal outcome as you cope with the interim


High Conflict Divorce: Dealing with and Disarming the Narcissistic Personality


A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Visits & Shares MONEY Insights


Emotional Justice v. Legal Justice




Confidence & Decision-making


Voicing Your LOUDEST Issue
Get support & learn how to address it


SPECIAL NOTE: For two of these 12 meetings, a divorce attorney and a certified divorce financial analyst (CDFA®) will speak to the group, offering professional insights, second opinions, and expert answers to your diverse questions.



As a soon-to-be Independent Woman … you’ll be relieved to know our next Frida’s Group cohort is starting soon.

But know, seats are limited to TEN participants. 

Schedule your quick chat now to ask your questions and secure your spot before the cohort is closed.


  • Immersion in a community of like-minded women: You will gain connection and strength. You will absolutely feel less isolated, less crazy, and less alone


  • Be matched with smaller group, Sister Partners to deepen your cohort experience. These relationships provide warmth, support and help toward actualizing your individual goals. Because we want your small group talks to take you beyond ruminating or simply reliving the challenges you face, you will be guided on how and what to talk about as a starting point.


  • Benefit from the structure of ongoing connection over the course of six months. With at least 3 touch points a month, you will have a reliable and safe place to bring your challenges, your issues, and your triumphs as you receive feedback and guidance from the cohort at large and our expert coach facilitator.


"Frida’s Group is the best thing I've done for myself as I faced an unwanted divorce. Frida came at a time when I felt alone – even though I had a lawyer. Frida helped me get organized and advocate for myself in the negotiation (and even, with my lawyer). It helped me develop my understanding of what is and is not possible. And my Sister Partners kept me motivated to get up and keep pushing through. I don’t know what I would have done without them and without Frida.”

- Jennifer, Kennebunkport, Maine 


"What stood out to me were: writing exercises, especially letters to myself and visualizing my future. Our Sister Partnership was an amazing resource outside of our meetings, too. I enjoyed bonding with them. The strategy sessions on communicating with a narcissist were really well run. But I liked ALL the topics we explored. In fact, there was never a session when I felt I had wasted time. I always emerged from them empowered and inspired to take on my reality. Thank you!"

- M.Ross, Bend, Oregon


"I feel more confident in my decision-making because of this program and its smart, strategic conversations. Throughout my time in Frida,  I was able to vet ideas with Dori and others who had been where I was. There is a business to divorce and learning how to manage it AND the wild ride of my emotions helped me better navigate everything and get clearer on who I want to be now.”

- Melane S. D., Santa Barbara, California


" I learned so much. I finally have my divorce paperwork in binders!!! And I only email my ex with FACTS, no emotions. Just to name a couple of things I learned! I also loved the women in our group and found so much empathy and compassion, the sharing of similar stories was so amazing and helpful to know that I'm not the only one going through this slog. They are inspirational and incredibly strong!"

- K.H., East Hampton, New York



For those who seek private attention on divorce-specific topics, Frida offers an add-on coaching package:

  • Two 60-minute private sessions with Certified Divorce Coach and High Conflict Divorce Specialist, Dori Braddell.
  • One  Bonus Meeting with a SAS-vetted Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, (CDFA®) -- that's a smart money person who will look at your best plays for your financial negotiation.
  • You can use the private coaching sessions for any topic you choose, or one of these …

Preparing for a Nearing, Difficult Process, or Meeting (questioning, GAL, court appearance?) Learn tools to calm your triggers, stay level, and show up as your best self.

Heading to Mediation? Prepare for the mediation process to increase your odds of the right resolution.

Coparenting: Review the fundamentals of a very functional parenting plan, explore various parenting time schedules, and discuss strategies for dealing with a challenging Coparent.

High Conflict? Support from someone who’s been there with her proven conflict-reducing strategies and techniques.

New to Budgeting? Guidance and resources for budget building and taking the reins on your finances.

What to DO with the House? Should you stay or go, or something else? This is a focused session with a helpful thinking partner to help you make this HUGE decision -- and one that you can live with!

You have two options:

  • The 12 Group Meetings & Sister Partnerships
  • Or, All the above plus the Add-On Coaching Package & Bonus CDFA® Meeting

(Kindly know that your tuition will also help us offer a scholarship to a woman in need.)

As a soon-to-be Independent Woman … you’ll be relieved to know our next Frida’s Group cohort is starting soon.

But know, seats are limited to TEN participants. 

Schedule your quick chat now to ask your questions and secure your spot before the cohort is closed.



Feel safe

We understand the need for privacy. You are welcome to participate using your first name only or an alias. Together, immersed in an atmosphere of sisterhood, kindness, and mutual respect, we will hold a confidentiality agreement.


You will absolutely learn more about yourself . . . be holistically educated on the divorce process . . . and experience a shift in your way of thinking and what is possible for you, or write to us at SAS for Women and we will refund your money for remaining meetings.

Please note

Due to the subject and the vulnerability of participants, we must protect the divorce support space and keep it limited.

Your friends and family, while meaning well, don't completely get it. You want support, guidance, and a community of other smart women.You want a place to go, to vent, share, feel inspired, and motivated to carry on -- to stay committed to you and to getting through to your Best Other Side.

There's an alternative to isolation.

Be with us.