Frequently Asked Questions



1. What happens in a free consultation?

Our goal for this first, 15-minute meeting is to have you walk away with a resource, or an actionable step, or a new piece of information that will advance you. As divorce survivors, we want other women, no matter where they are in the journey of divorce, to feel strengthened and connected. Schedule your free consult with SAS here.



2. Why do I need a divorce coach?

When going through a life-changing event like divorce,  having an experienced, knowledgeable support team in place ensures that you will make the smartest decision for your family and your future. A trained divorce coach will help you understand and cope with the wide range of emotions you are experiencing; at the same time, s/he will help strategize the necessary steps to move through the divorce process and prepare you for life beyond divorce.



3. What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

In times of stress, it is important to put a variety of supports in place that will help you cope with your emotions and give you tools for dealing with challenging situations.  While they are different, coaching and therapy are complimentary processes.

Therapy is often a necessary component to caring for your mental and emotional health during a stressful time.  By talking with a therapist, you will learn about your moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviors. We advocate for, work with, and refer clients to outstanding therapists.

Coaching is a more action-oriented process designed to help you make changes in your life. A coach will help you get in touch with what you most fundamentally believe in and help you decide what your goals are moving forward.  Together you will design an action plan to help you move through the divorce and to launch your new life.



4. Can you help me find an attorney or a financial analyst, advisor, or planner?

Yes.  It is crucial that you put together a good team of experts in order to be prepared and to help you avoid making the classic costly and potentially devastating mistakes during the divorce process.

At SAS, we'll work with you first to assess what you need, then we'll connect you to excellent vetted attorneys, mediators, financial advisors, planners, accountants and a myriad of other professionals and resources as needs arise. Coaches are available to accompany you to meetings as well (in person, proximity permitting; or otherwise, via Zoom or Skype) ensuring that you walk away from these meetings with detailed notes, all of your questions answered and a follow up plan.

As a SAS client, you are entitled to free consultations with our professional partners in most cases.  This is one way that working with SAS will save you money.



5. How can I protect my children during this process?  

In order to minimize the negative impact on your family, you first need to understand this: How you choose to go through this divorce directly correlates to how your children will experience it .

Your coach will show you how to go through the divorce process with dignity, poise and integrity so that you can be the best role model possible for your child/ren throughout the divorce and beyond into co-parenting.

By providing age appropriate ideas and resources, your coach will equip you with the language and tools you need to protect your children during this process.



6. Are you available to go with me to other appointments related to my divorce?

Yes, we do accompany NYC-based clients to appointments such as meetings with attorneys, financial advisors and planners, and to court appearances. And with clients living elsewhere, we can accompany you via Zoom or Skype.

The amount and nature of the information presented in these meetings is often overwhelming and confusing. Under stress, it’s likely you will not be able to take it all in, nor think of good questions to ask in the moment. You coach will be there to take notes, ask questions on your behalf, and to help you interpret and internalize all the information.  Your coach will help you with the follow up as well, so that you stay on top of everything.



7. Are you available in between sessions for help if the need arises?

Yes. There will definitely be times that you will have to make a quick decision and need to run it by someone, or are unclear on how to proceed with something, or you are simply feeling low and need a few words of encouragement.  Your coach is available via email or for brief telephone check-ins between appointments so that you have the support you crave and need.



8. Do you only offer coaching services in New York?

SAS works with clients worldwide via telephone, Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype.



9. How does SAS charge for coaching? 

We charge an hourly rate for sessions. If you purchase a package of  6 or 12 sessions we offer a generous discount.