You are wondering if you should or shouldn’t divorce …
or should you separate? Or perhaps you are stuck on
how will you do it? How will you handle it?
Because, well, divorce is so final.

You are right. Inside this lonely space of
confusion and angst, the concept (your fear?) of divorce
is nearly too much to bear.

But finding out what your rights are, and what
is possible for you and your family means only that you are
taking steps to become informed now. You are doing
this so at the end of your journey you can say
you made the right decision … you chose the
right path for the right reasons.

Be deliberate in your next step.

Where Are You Now?

Contemplating divorce?

You are pre-decision. You are thinking about divorce as an exit strategy, but it’s so scary, you remain in a perpetual pause. You have told yourself this is the step you are taking for now —brava, you’ve landed here! You will find out what’s possible. Now, how will you attain relief?

Getting a Divorce?

You seek techniques for coping, insights to the process, and emotional strategies for you and your family’s survival. Above all, are you seeking relief from the fires of divorce and a guide to lead you beyond?

Recreating your life after divorce?

It’s over. No matter the details, you are not the same woman with the same life. Now that you’ve landed in this new place, who are you? What do you most fundamentally need? Who do you want to be now that there are no more excuses?

Facing another major life change?

Your life has been one thing, but now it’s changed. You are a widow, or an empty nester, or a hardworking woman who is smart, but tired of living the same old way. You are seeking something new. What must you know, what must you learn to step into your brave unknown?

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Divorce is EXPENSIVE and time-consuming, and every minute with your lawyer is precious money flying from your pocket. Of course, the lawyer is on YOUR side, but did you know you have your own set of responsibilities in the lawyer/client relationship?

In this video, SAS Cofounders Liza Caldwell and Kimberly Mishkin discuss how not to “misuse your attorney”.

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How to take the high road
Thursday, November 10 | 1-1:30 pm EDT

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