“Women are turning to Liza Caldwell and her partner Kimberly Mishkin
-- two of the top divorce professionals in New York -- a new breed of advisers,
who guide them through the journey every step of the way.”

- Porter Magazine, Issue 8, Summer 2015

Coping with Divorce Can Send You Spinning
Recently when I was unpacking boxes and settling into my new house, I came across something that see [more]
Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney at a Consultation
You are "pretty sure" you want a divorce but you have no idea how to get started…or maybe you do n [more]
Divorce Advice:  Lose Your Emotional Attachment to Money
Divorce Advice by Ellie Lipschitz and Dorian Brown, CDFA’s. All good divorce advice will acknow [more]
My Life After Divorce: The Unexpected Gifts
For me, life after divorce is when time shifted. In fact, I measure things now by “A.D.” (after [more]


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