You're Not Alone.

Struggling with the pain of getting your life back?

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No matter where you are in the decision-making or recovery process:
  • learn how to transform your "negative narrative" and destructive emotions into positive energy that changes your life
  • become strategic as you take action-steps that put you back in control
  • learn what you should know as a divorcee, and especially
  • get back in touch with what YOU most fundamentally want and need so you protect yourself and your family
Get Smart. Get Sas Day Break, our letter to you.
(We promise not to sell or rent your name.)

Separation. Divorce. Splitsville. We know firsthand how difficult these challenges can be. Expected or unexpected, these life-changers can be epic, confusing and terrifying. They can make you feel overwhelmed, unskilled, and even unable to speak.

But at SAS, we know these challenges can also reveal themselves as opportunities: a chance for growth. Through all the pain, all the questions you can’t answer, there’s a life and a world waiting for you. You don’t know this yet, but we know this for you.

The key is plugging you into information and connecting you to allies--strong but compassionate mentors who educate you on your options, coach you on your progress, and guide you through the process. We help you rebuild your life.

"But how? Where to start?"

These were the questions we faced during our own divorces.

And what we found then was that there was NO centralized place for women like us -- women who needed answers, support, and education in all aspects of separation, divorce and recovery.

Until now.

We founded SAS ~ Support and Solutions for Women™ to provide what we wished we’d had during our own divorces:

And yes, independence is possible, though it may not feel that way right now.

Free Confidential Conversation

To learn what is normal and what is not

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"I was emotionally drained and felt powerless and lost in this crazy process. SAS took care of me. I needed practical solutions to very tough problems. I needed a shoulder to cry on without judgement. I needed savvy women who were totally on my side. SAS accompanied me during long conferences with my lawyers. SAS came with me to court. I knew these women had my back 100%."

-- Client N.C.

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With SAS, You're NOT Alone.

We guide and mentor you to a place where you:

  • Learn the answers & critical resources you need so you save energy and money
  • Prioritize your needs so your decisions achieve your most important goals
  • Learn strategies for avoiding litigated divorce
  • Foster a sense of well-being in your children
  • Overcome fears and anxieties so you become more confident and clear
  • Acquire new skills so you ​become more independent
  • Build resiliency so you lessen chronic stress
  • Become the healthier, happier woman you want to be

Alone → Supported
Stuck → Moving Through
Angry → Letting Go of Pain
Frightened → Confident
Overwhelmed → Empowered

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