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If there is one thing we can all count on, it’s that life doesn’t stop. Life changes, work changes, what we thought we wanted changes, too. Yet, we seem hardwired to resist change, to hate it even ... because stepping into change means adapting, it means dancing with the Unknown.

We suspect you are in a place right now where you are feeling flat. You are not really living the life you were meant to live. Why else would you be on this page? You're not sure what to do next, because your path to change or "progress" is not obvious or it's so thwarted with what if's that you are holding yourself back. You might not be clear on what you need and want — which makes it difficult as well to put a plan together to get there.

Are you a widow, facing now an unexpected future? Perhaps you are going back to work or, switching careers? Or, trying to rebuild after a traumatic illness? Maybe you’ve sent your youngest off to college and the house seems loudly empty and you feel bereft? Or maybe it's that you simply -- but vitally -- yearn to live differently? Deep, deep down you want to learn and grow, you want to bloom. You know life is finite, but it's all so overwhelming. You are stuck.


Do you struggle to find a path? Are you facing new and exciting but intimidating challenges at work? Do you need help envisioning your future, building out your career, figuring out what you really want and dreaming bigger? Are you actually afraid but ready to design a life for yourself?


You need a sounding board, a mentor, a guide, someone to help you make sense of it all. You seek a leader who can lead you, someone who holds you accountable to what you say you want to do. Someone who helps you uncover what you don't already know and who helps you create -- not only your action plan -- but ensures that the end goal is truly in alignment with your soul and what you most vitally need to feel joy.


We help you adapt to personal, private, and professional challenges by holding first and foremost that you, dear friend, you already have the answers. You are the leader.

The question is have you decided to put on her kick-ass boots?

That’s what we help you do. No, we're not shoemakers. We are educators and coaches who  help you identify what your excuses are, what your fears mean, but then, what makes you vibe? What makes you fly? What makes you do long-forgotten cartwheels?

And that, there are choices to be made.

We are not for everybody. We are not just talk. Our work is about acknowledging where you are this very moment, certainly … but then we ask, “What will you do about it?”

We're about action and dancing with our boots on.

Trained in transformational coaching and leadership development, we invite you to start telling us about the life challenges facing you. Whether you decide to work further with us or not, we guarantee you will emerge from this meeting with a next step(s) or new resource empowering you.  Schedule your free, 15-minute consultation here.

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