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SAS’ Divorce Coaching Celebrated in Porter Magazine

Featured in Porter Magazine

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Thinking About Divorce? Important Steps to Be Prepared

Divorce or separation tends to be one of those situations…

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Understand Your Divorce Attorney: A Glossary of Legal Terms

Sometimes do you feel that the kind of divorce help…

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Traveling Solo as a Single Woman

Let’s face it, sitting on the sofa and rehashing all…

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Poor Little Rich Women?

As a working Upper East Side mother (and for many…

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Liza Caldwell and divorce coaching celebrated in Porter Magazine

Porter Magazine Explores Divorce Coaching and Modern Women

Women today are more educated than ever before in history.…

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Money under a mattress

How to Pay for Your Divorce

When I was growing up, every Friday night, my father…

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Couple in courtyard thinking about divorce advice

When to Introduce Your New Beau or Belle to Your Kids

Ok, you’re finally divorced. You’ve signed the papers and made…

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Helping Your Children Understand You’re Getting a Divorce

How do you help your children understand you are getting…

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Retired judge encourages medation

Retired NY State Judge Encourages Divorce Mediation

I am a Certified Divorce Mediator, Retired New York State…

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How To Help Your Child Cope With Divorce

How can you help your children cope with divorce or…

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Should You Divorce? 3 Things to Help You Decide What to Do

Contemplating divorce is hard. Really hard. And deciding whether or not…

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caring for elderly parents

Caring for Elderly Parents: An Important Resource

Our clients are women who seek to live their best…

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Divorce Papers: I Have to Fill Out What?

Divorce Papers: I Have to Fill Out What?

Perhaps the attorney you consulted (or a friend who has already…

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Questions to ask a divorce attorney

Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney at a Consultation

You are “pretty sure” you want a divorce but you…

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Listening to divorce advice can save money

Divorce Advice: Lose Your Emotional Attachment to Money

All good divorce advice should acknowledge that there are many…

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SAS on Huff Post: Divorcing While Your Biological Clock is Ticking

Signing your divorce docs when you’re in your late 30s…

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My Letter to Janay Rice on Her Abusive Marriage.

“Kim, it’s brutal,” my friend warned me. So I braced…

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