39 Seconds on Dealing with Divorce

Liza and Kim discuss 39 Seconds on Dealing with Divorce

You NEED To Ask Yourself This Question After The Death of a Spouse

Many things happen in life that will stop you in your tracks … divorce, empty nesting, career upheaval, the death of a spouse … all examples of life experiences that can turn you upside down. At SAS for Women we specialize in helping women navigate those times when they find themselves in crisis and paralyzed by the question, “What am I going to do NOW?” In this video, Liza and Kim share experiences from clients who have been there, and in particular one client who found herself unable to move on after the loss of her husband. Watch to learn what kind of baby steps you can take for healing and rebuilding your life after the death of a loved one.


Liza Caldwell and Kimberly Mishkin discussing divorce advice

The One Thing You Absolutely MUST Do To Survive Your Divorce

Are you devastated, overwhelmed, or simply stuck when it comes to figuring out how to survive your divorce? Do you wonder constantly how you are going to get through it—all the tears and scary nights, navigating the unknowns, the paperwork, the kids, the house, the EVERYTHING? You can search the internet for divorce advice until your fingers are numb and your eyelids are as heavy as your heart, and still, you might feel like you’re getting nowhere.

During a divorce, we’re living in survival mode. Our lives have suddenly become chaotic, if they weren’t already, and choosing what aspects to prioritize and what really matters can feel like an impossible task to even start let alone accomplish. The solution seems simple, but it’s so hard to do sometimes: you must ask for help.

An outsider’s perspective and divorce advice can make all the difference. You aren’t your best self right now. As women, we tend to take care of everyone else before we take care of ourselves. We are used to being perpetually stretched thin. But in this case, you must recognize you cannot care for everybody else well if you do not stop and take care of yourself. Sometimes your support system is larger than you realize—you just have to look around and let go of your pride.

In this short video, Liza and Kim discuss the power of asking for help. (Sometimes the simplest divorce advice is the best kind.) They also share ways SAS clients have found help from the most unexpected sources.


Since 2012, SAS for Women is entirely dedicated to the unique challenge’s women face when considering, navigating and recovering from the divorce experience. You are invited to meet SAS through a complimentary consultation. You deserve knowing the smartest, healthiest next steps and divorce advice for yourself and for your family.

What’s the Truth About Rebound Relationships?

It’s totally normal to think ahead toward new love after a breakup. Who will love me again? and When will a “real” love finally grace my doorstep? are questions that can help catapult you out of your post-breakup sadness and depression. But, how soon is TOO soon to jump into a relationship again? Conventionally, rebound hookups and relationships are considered “risky business”. We look down on people who jump from relationship to relationship … but is that fair? On the panel in this video, renowned anthropologist and researcher Dr. Helen Fisher was joined by divorce coach Kimberly Mishkin, and the Your Tango experts for a frank discussion on the risky business of rebounding after a breakup.


Is Marriage Obsolete?

Is traditional marriage a thing of the past? Have our dreams of saying “I do” shifted into reluctant shrugs of “Meh, maybe. Someday?” Everywhere we look, the media suggests that marriage just isn’t “the thing” anymore. Yet, as far back as historic records go, marriage has been a valued institution in nearly every civilization. So which is it? Do young couples still have their eye on that altar? Or not so much? Check out the video to hear illuminating answers to these timely questions. We’re pretty confident you’ll end up thinking about modern marriage in a whole new way.

You WILL Be Happy Again After Your Divorce, Here’s How!

Deep in the throes of all the divorce craziness, you still have to function when all you really want to do is crawl into bed and hide under that soft blankie. But you have to perform at your job, take care of the kids and house, and manage the finances that are being constantly gnawed at by legal fees now. It’s hard to see any silver-lining when you find yourself constantly wondering, “Will this insanity ever end? Will I really survive this? Where will I go from here? What will my life be like after divorce?”

Liza Caldwell and Kimberly Mishkin discussing mistakes and divorce advice

Ladies Don’t Make This HUGE Mistake When Getting a Divorce

We all know this: divorce is EXPENSIVE and time-consuming. You’ll probably be working with a lawyer to mediate the division of assets and handle court proceedings. If your divorce isn’t amicable, you might be tempted to reach out to your lawyer with every piece of evidence that paints your Ex in a bad light or to use them as a shoulder to lean on when your emotions are running high. But every minute with your lawyer spent dishing out legal wisdom and divorce advice is precious money flying from your pocket.

A lawyer’s focus is your divorce—handling all the legal aspects in as timely a manner as possible. Of course, the lawyer is on YOUR side, but did you know you have your own set of responsibilities in the lawyer/client relationship? What’s more, a divorce lawyer is not the only person you might want or need on your team during this trying time.

You need an entire support system to get you through your divorce. A lawyer is not a therapist, a divorce coach, or a loved one. And while a good lawyer or legal professional can make all the difference in how smooth and timely your divorce process and recovery is, they cannot be your everything right now, nor should they be.

In this short video, Liza Caldwell and Kimberly Mishkin discuss some often looked over divorce advice so you can avoid making a mistake so many women are guilty of (including us).


Since 2012, SAS for Women is entirely dedicated to the unique challenge’s women face when considering, navigating and recovering from the divorce experience. You are invited to meet SAS through a complimentary consultation. You deserve knowing the smartest, healthiest next steps for yourself and for your family.

Why Consider A Divorce Coach?

Why would you consider a divorce coach? Well, you’ve reluctantly been to see your lawyer, and honestly, even though you took copious notes, by the time you got home little of what she said made any sense. Maybe because you were choking back tears the entire time, barely maintaining your composure. Now you’ll have to pay to talk to her again or somebody else and re-hash all that legal mumbo jumbo. You are wondering to yourself: Am I ever going to get through this? How do I stay healthy now and get my kids through this without feeling traumatized? What the heck will my life look like after this divorce? Will I ever feel happy and normal again? Well, the good news is — you actually don’t have to go through this alone. What if you had a partner to help you navigate through all this mess AND show you how to get your ‘new life’ started? Wouldn’t you feel stronger with someone who has expertise in handling all the legal, practical AND emotional matters, who is a supportive confident, and who offers smart, female-centered advice that saves you money and time.

How Can I Learn to Trust Men Again After My Divorce?

The path to finding love again after divorce can feel dangerous, confusing, and possibly, not even possible for you. Is your brain nagging you with that negative self-talk? Do you still feel like the victim or that it’s just too late? Then again, are you misguidedly thinking that finding someone will finally make you feel whole and complete? Be aware of where you are emotionally and what your needs genuinely are. Watch our video, How Can I Learn to Trust Again with SAS Cofounder Liza Caldwell and cultural anthropologist Helen Fisher and YourTango relationship experts and learn to understand YOU first.