Why Consider A Divorce Coach?

Why would you consider a divorce coach? Well, you’ve reluctantly been to see your lawyer, and honestly, even though you took copious notes, by the time you got home little of what she said made any sense. Maybe because you were choking back tears the entire time, barely maintaining your composure. Now you’ll have to pay to talk to her again or somebody else and re-hash all that legal mumbo jumbo. You are wondering to yourself: Am I ever going to get through this? How do I stay healthy now and get my kids through this without feeling traumatized? What the heck will my life look like after this divorce? Will I ever feel happy and normal again? Well, the good news is — you actually don’t have to go through this alone. What if you had a partner to help you navigate through all this mess AND show you how to get your ‘new life’ started? Wouldn’t you feel stronger with someone who has expertise in handling all the legal, practical AND emotional matters, who is a supportive confident, and who offers smart, female-centered advice that saves you money and time.

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