7 Ways to Pay for a Divorce

6 Ways to Pay for a Divorce

Would you like to speak to a lawyer but feel you can’t because you don’t know how you’d pay for a divorce? Does your husband tell you the money in your joint account is “his, because he earned it?” Do you wonder how you can afford to get a divorce if you aren’t working, because…

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Divorce Advice from a Woman of a Certain Age

Thinking over divorce advice

After my divorce, I needed advice, strategies, and moral support to get through the relationship mess that I was living in. I needed to move on but felt I needed divorce advice and support to get there—someone not young but not quite old, from someone like me: a woman of a certain age. I began…

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Divorce Advice for Women: Get Off the Couch

Woman on the couch ignoring divorce advice for women

Despite the never-ending amount of divorce advice out there, the end of a marriage is hard.  Divorce is scary, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting through it. Divorce means the start of a new phase of your life—one that you never planned for. When understanding takes on a new meaning My parents were…

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