Divorce Advice for Women: Get Off the Couch

Divorce is hard.  Divorce is scary. Divorce means the start of a new phase of your life — one that was never planned.  My parents were divorced, I was a second wife and stepmother for 14 years, and I have been a family law attorney for 21 years.  But none of that prepared me for the roller coaster of emotions that went along with my own divorce.  I thought I knew what to expect and I thought I was prepared.  I was so wrong.

When your marriage splits up, you need to redefine your future, your path and yourself.  In a marriage, you generally sacrifice so much of yourself (especially toward the end when it is failing and you are doing everything you can to desperately try to save it) that you lose sight of who you are — who you truly are, deep inside.  What makes you happy?  What are the things you used to do just for yourself — not for your kids, your husband, or your job, but just for you?  Can you even remember?

My best divorce advice for women is to tell you, it is time to focus on you now — to get back to your authentic self.  Figure out what makes you happy and where you want your life to go.  You have unlimited opportunities now.  Sure, it is not the path that you were on before, and it is not the path you expected, but you can re-define your future and you can make it better than before.  Yes, the change in finances is scary.  Yes, getting back into the dating world can be terrifying.  You can do it.  You are strong, you are fabulous, and you need to get out there and show the world.  Put away the tissues and get off the couch.  You are amazing and you have a beautiful, bright future ahead

Daryl Weinman is a family law attorney, practicing in the Austin, Texas, area for twenty-one years. A child of divorce, a stepmother for fourteen years, a mother of two teenage boys, and divorced now herself for the past four years, Daryl has seen divorce from most every angle and can truly relate to the emotional struggles of her clients and divorced friends. To leverage her insights and smart, savvy takeaways, read her new book, Post Divorce Journey Back to Yourself available at Barnes & Noble or Amazon.com. Or if you are in the Austin area, or a resident of Texas and would like to consult with Daryl for legal divorce advice, visit here for details.

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