3 Ways to Handle Divorce and Anger, If Things Are Getting Ugly

Cartoon angry woman's face

Love and Marriage, horse and carriage … divorce and anger obviously go together too, right? Well … at the very end of the season finale of #DivorceonHBO we hear the main character Frances, who is divorcing her husband, leave this voicemail for her husband: “I imagine that, somehow, you didn’t bother to think through this imbecilic move – you simply wanted to fuck me at any cost. But you have made a terrible, awful, IRREPARABLE mistake. And you’ve LOST, Robert. You have lost EVERYTHING now!”

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#DivorceHBO: It’s Not “Basically All Law”

Sara Jessica Parker on Divorce on DBO sitting in a chair

As I get caught up on #DivorceonHBO, I’m debating whether I like it because I work with women going through divorce or because I went through my own divorce… or if I’d like it even if neither of those were true. I’d be curious to know what you think. Do you like the show? I…

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