How to Manage Pain During Divorce

Manage divorce pain

When we’re in the midst of the visceral and all-encompassing agony of divorce, it’s difficult to cope with each breath, let alone remember that the pain eventually ends. The last thing we think about, but should address, is how to manage pain during divorce. The emotions are so strong and wide-spread that they often manifest…

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What are the COVID Divorce Statistics?

What are the Covid Divorce Statistics?

Divorce statistics in the US are nothing to make the marriage industry proud. Despite a significant decrease in recent years (most likely because more couples are waiting to marry), divorce still lurks as a postscript to marriage vows. An iffy chance of success, with even worse odds for successive marriages, casts a dim light on…

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What Should I Do to Leave My Husband?

Should I leave my husband?

“If I know I can’t stay in this marriage, what should I do to leave my husband?” Leaving a marriage is complicated, scary, painful. And that’s when both of you are in agreement. Leaving your husband when you’re the only one wanting to end the relationship is even more difficult. Your reasons for wanting, even…

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Deflating Your Expectations about the Divorce Process

A woman thinking about her expectations of the divorce process

Unpacking what you thought would happen versus what actually happened in your divorce process can do much to further your healing, this I’ve learned firsthand. When I first started writing this blogpost, my original plan was to write “a divorce success story.” After all, our culture wants us to report on our successes. Even if…

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What to Learn from Powerful Divorced Women

Learn from divorced women

We’re seeing a shift in the balance of power right now in our country, as people of all colors finally begin to unite in a growing and vocal collective against systemic racism, following the murder of George Floyd. As it ties into the subject of this piece, it’s important to note something that women and…

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Divorce and Friendships: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Divorce and friendships

Divorce and friendships can be a tricky thing. Divorce brings out the best and the worst in people, yes, but they don’t make it clear enough that this truth applies to not only you and your partner but the people who make up your world—your colleagues, family members, and friends. Divorce makes people curious: what…

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The Sweetness of Living Alone After Divorce

Sweetness of Life After Divorce

This piece is done in part from the first person, very much as we might write in our own journals, for a specific reason. One of the greatest and most unexpected gifts we find “under the tree” when living alone after divorce is our authentic self. A journal is a way to give voice to…

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What Not to Do During Divorce: 7 Must Knows

What not do to during divorce

Divorce, like a marriage, takes mapping and maneuvering. There’s a lot of good common sense advice out there about what to do and what not to do during divorce. But as a writer who is forever curious, I sometimes find the don’ts a more appealing research subject. Divorce is a regular occurrence in the US,…

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