Can I Collect Social Security Benefits from My Ex Spouse?

Thinking about how to collect social security benefits from ex

An important decision in planning for retirement is when to start receiving your Social Security payments. Should you start collecting at full retirement age? (Typically 67.) Or should you defer benefits to receive a larger amount? Can you collect social security benefits from your Ex? If you’re divorced, then yes, your decision-making will be impacted…

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What Divorce Does to a Woman: You and Your Money

A woman in a bathtub contemplating what divorce does to a woman

The chances are fairly good that if you are a woman with school-age children and you are looking at getting divorced, you are facing a drain on your financial resources with no fast recovery in sight. While marriage generally has a positive effect on financial health—due in part to tax incentives and thousands of laws…

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Dealing with Divorce & Coronavirus as a Single Mom

Thinking about dealing with coronavirus as a single mom

Dealing with a divorce is very hard, but dealing with a divorce and coronavirus as a single mom, all at the same time? A virus that has infected more than 1 million people already, in fact. Well, that’s a whole other level of difficult. Not only do you have to learn how to live with…

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Advice for Women Who Think They Can’t Afford a Divorce

Thinking about advice for women

Divorce is expensive. While there is, of course, an emotional toll, there is also a heavy financial toll for which many people are not prepared. Even under the best circumstance, divorce is difficult and costly. And while help is out there, when you’re looking for it, you want advice for women wearing your particular set…

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How to Stay Calm Managing Conflict in Divorce

Woman in the snow contempltaing managing conflict in divorce

Divorce is a stressful process. There are battles—custody, among many others—which take negative emotions to new heights. Managing conflict in divorce is tricky. One wrong turn and you’re headed down resentment road. It’s natural to get frustrated even while trying to be calm and cool. When a marriage ends, you have to make so many…

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How to Change Your Name After Divorce

Changing name after divorce

Changing your name after divorce can feel freeing—or it can feel like pouring salt on an open wound. And it’s possible, certainly, that it might even feel like both. Where you stand depends on the circumstances of your divorce and your particular mindset. If you’ve decided that a name change is important to you, you’ll…

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