How Much Does a Divorce Cost in New York City?

how Much does a divorce cost in New York City by Reynaldo #brigworkz Brigantty for

Preparing for the total financial cost is one of the most critical and daunting factors in planning for a divorce. While the average price for a lawyer-led divorce in the United States is approximately $7,000 – $11,0001 (and usually stems from a more heavily contested case), the national average cost of an uncontested, Do It…

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The Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce

One of the most daunting parts of a divorce is not knowing – not knowing the answers to questions, not knowing the steps to take, not knowing what to do first, and surely, not knowing the big and small outcomes of your every move. This article will review five common or frequently asked questions about…

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Child Support: 5 Things Mothers Must Know

Child Support and Divorce

Divorce involves a lot of financial questions – will I get maintenance? How will we split up our assets? What about my children’s expenses? Child support answers that final question. Child support is the financial aspect of divorce that focuses on which spouse will pay a monthly amount to the other spouse to help raise…

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Will My Spouse Get My IRA in a Divorce?

Will my spouse get my IRA in a divorce?

Divorce can have a serious impact on your life and in particular your retirement plan. More often than not, when you go through a divorce, a large percentage of your shared assets include your retirement accounts. This often leads to the question, “Will my spouse get my IRA in a divorce?” In this article, I…

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5 Must Do’s for Selling the House During a Divorce

Selling the house during divorce

When going through divorce, one of many steps to contend with is dividing the marital assets. Oftentimes, the biggest of those marital assets is your house. However, your home is not the same as a bank account or a retirement account for many reasons, the most important being that there is an emotional connection to…

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6 Ways to Be Debt-Free After Divorce

6 Ways to Be Debt Free After Divorce

Going through a divorce can feel incredibly draining: emotionally, psychologically, and—of course—financially. While emotional healing can be a long, winding road, one objective way to start fresh is to work towards eliminating your financial debts as soon as possible. Clearing your debts can serve as a powerful method of beginning a new chapter of your…

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Why You Don’t Want to Search for Cheap Divorce Lawyers

Cheap Divorce Lawyers

Cheap can be costly. And, when it comes to divorce, cheap divorce lawyers can ultimately drain your accounts—financially and emotionally. The temptation to team up with touted cost-cutters is understandable. But learn the risks and costs before throwing your trust (and future) into the bargain basket. Even in the most amicable situations, the divorce process…

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Living On Less After Divorce

Living on less after divorce

The statistics about a woman’s financial well-being after a divorce are notoriously grim. There is no question that divorce often leaves women with a sharply reduced income. And if they have primary custody of their children, which is sometimes the case, they are more hamstrung in their ability to earn than they would be with…

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