How to Save Money When Travelling Solo After a Divorce

How to Save Money When Traveling Solo After a Divorce

Traveling solo after a divorce can be a healing and empowering experience. It offers the opportunity for self-reflection, growth, and the chance to explore the world at your own pace. While traveling alone may seem more expensive without a partner to share costs, it doesn’t have to be. With careful planning, creativity, and consideration of your new financial situation, you can enjoy an affordable solo adventure.

Leveraging Technology for Budgeting and Booking

The digital era provides many ways to save money when traveling alone. Budgeting apps can help you keep track of daily spending and ensure you stay within your budget. This is particularly essential after a divorce, where financial changes may require more mindful spending.

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Websites and apps can assist in creating a budget, finding discounted accommodation, and securing affordable transportation. For instance, using a website like hellotickets can assist in finding the best prices for attractions, events, and city tours.

Solo but Social: Harnessing the Power of Shared Economy

Shared economy platforms offer affordable lodging options and a chance to connect with others. Consider rideshare apps and shared accommodation to cut costs. These opportunities can help you feel more connected, even as you travel solo, making the journey less lonely and more economical.

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Eating Well and Economically

Cooking for yourself is an effective way to save money. Many hostels, and some hotels, provide kitchen facilities where you can prepare meals. If you do eat out, opt for local markets or eateries instead of tourist hotspots. You’ll save money and experience authentic cuisine.

Embracing Free Activities and Attractions

Cities often offer free or low-cost activities. Museums might have days when admission is free, and public parks, markets, and street performances provide entertainment without breaking the bank. If you are traveling to a foreign city, see if there is a Time Out Magazine, online or in paper, dedicated to their local events, shows, and activities.

Solo Travel After a Life Change: Healing and Growth

Divorce is a significant life change, and traveling solo can provide a space for healing. Mindfulness of budget is especially important during this time. By using the tips mentioned, you can make your solo adventure after divorce both affordable and enriching.

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Flexible and Smart Travel Planning

Being flexible with your travel dates and destinations can result in savings. Consider traveling mid-week or during off-peak seasons. Also, use travel rewards credit cards or frequent flier programs being careful to pay off your balance to avoid interest.

Connecting with Yourself: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Divorce can be a time of rediscovery. Traveling solo allows you to reconnect with yourself, explore your interests, and grow as an individual. By focusing on self-care, budget-friendly choices, and the joy of exploration, you can make this journey a significant milestone in your new life and separate from the marriage you were previously part of.

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Traveling solo after a divorce doesn’t have to be a financial burden. By utilizing technology, embracing the shared economy, and making mindful choices, you can enjoy an empowering and affordable trip. Let this journey be a stepping stone towards healing and self-discovery as you embark on this new chapter of life.


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*We support same-sex marriages. For the sake of simplicity in this article, however, we refer to your spouse as your “husband” or a “he.”

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