6 Ways to Be Debt-Free After Divorce

6 Ways to Be Debt Free After Divorce

Going through a divorce can feel incredibly draining: emotionally, psychologically, and—of course—financially. While emotional healing can be a long, winding road, one objective way to start fresh is to work towards eliminating your financial debts as soon as possible. Clearing your debts can serve as a powerful method of beginning a new chapter of your…

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Telling Your Husband You Want a Divorce When He Doesn’t

Telling your husband you want a divoce when he doesn't by Weheartit a

When your marriage reaches a great divide, you can only hope that you are both on the same page for the same reasons. Civility would be the cherry on top to make something upending seem at least survivable. But divorce isn’t the conclusion to a perfect marriage, so expecting such an alignment between imminent exes…

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Why A Good Divorce is Better Than a Bad Marriage

Why a Good Divorce is Better Than a Bad Marriage by weheartit.com

Many couples would rather stay married than face the reality of the unknown that divorce brings. For many, divorce can also lead to feelings of guilt or shame or even failure. And yet, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are stuck in a bad marriage, a divorce is the better option for…

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How Public Are Public Divorce Records?

Public Divorce Records: How Public Are They?

Breakups are awful. They’re painful. They’re exhausting. And they’re deeply personal. Even more so when a breakup is a divorce. So why on earth are there public divorce records to expose your personal business? The idea of your divorce being out there for the world to see may not have even crossed your mind. Between…

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What Does a Gray Divorce Mean for You?

Gray divorce

On the subject of gray divorce, it seems that there’s an elephant in the room. The divorce rate is slowing for millennials and younger age groups largely because people are waiting longer to marry or not marrying at all. Fewer marriages mean fewer divorces, and the fact that both men and women now have jobs…

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Is Exploring a Cheap Divorce in Your Best Interest?

Is Cheap Divorce worth it?

With divorce fees averaging a whopping $13,000 in the U.S., many couples tend to postpone their divorce until they are ready to fork up the cash for a good lawyer, or they stay trapped in a marriage, believing there is no way out. The truth is that the perfect time may never come. However, remaining…

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The 9 Biggest Divorce Mistakes Women Make

Divorce mistakes women make

Simply hear the word “divorce” and chances are you feel a wave of emotion. Even the most amicably, equitably handled dissolutions are imbued with sadness, disappointment, and loss. But there are divorce mistakes women make that can lead to greater loss than marriage alone. Divorce has a lot of parallels to the death of a…

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