The Top 7 Things to Know About Postnuptial Agreements

postnuptial agreements

While television, music, movies, and tabloids have brought prenuptial agreements into the spotlight, few people are familiar with postnuptial agreements. This refers to nuptial agreements made after a couple is married. The surprising fact is postnuptial agreements can offer significant benefits to the right couple. Look no further than this Forbes article discussing Jeff Bezos’…

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How to Know When It’s Time to Divorce

How to know when it's time to divorce

If day in and day out you find yourself unhappy with your marriage, it’s natural to have doubts. To ask yourself, “When is enough enough?” or wonder “When is it time to divorce?” Being unhappily married is extremely uncomfortable and even hazardous to your health. You might feel off balance because you’re not fully invested…

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What to Do with Your Cheating Spouse

What to do with a cheating spouse

What do you do with your cheating spouse? Well… nothing illegal, ladies. Roll your eyes, sure, but let’s start with that bottom-line simplicity, even if we think it’s an “oh-I’d-never” scenario because rage is a lovely antidote to the pain. The sadness, the betrayal. Like a good alcohol buzz, rage can become addictive and erode…

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Does Being in a Loveless Marriage Mean You Should Divorce?

Loveless marriage

Love is a foundational and primal need all humans have, but how each of us feels and expresses love most joyfully, from the gut, with no hesitation, is up to us to define. We’d like to think we enter marriages or other long-term love partnerships knowing that about ourselves. But more realistically, we might not…

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What Should I Do to Leave My Husband?

Should I leave my husband?

“If I know I can’t stay in this marriage, what should I do to leave my husband?” Leaving a marriage is complicated, scary, painful. And that’s when both of you are in agreement. Leaving your husband when you’re the only one wanting to end the relationship is even more difficult. Your reasons for wanting, even…

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Will Marriage Become Obsolete?

Will marriage become obsolete

With the steady downturn in the number of new marriages and the 40 to 50 percent chance that existing ones will end in divorce, it would be comforting to think that marriage has become obsolete, or that, at the very least, successfully navigating the end of a legally-binding partnership would somehow be written into our…

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6 Crazy Facts That Increase Your Risk of Divorce

Divorce and women one woman's journey

We romanticize our relationships, ignoring all the divorce facts and advice out there in favor of writing our own story. That story is the one you pull out when a friend, family member, or coworker asks you that dreaded question: what happened? It’s a question that’s almost impossible to answer because relationships are not linear,…

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The Signs of Divorce and How to Spot Them

A woman walking through nature thinking about the signs of divorce

Divorce can sometimes feel like it comes out of the blue—one day you are “happily married,” and the next, your spouse is asking you to sign on the dotted line. The world you’ve built together seems like it’s falling apart. Other times, there are clear signs of divorce, ones that you may have noticed and…

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Overthinking When to Leave Your Husband

Woman packed leaving her husband

You have a bad fight or a bad day with your husband—or more likely, you’ve had a series of them. So many thoughts race through your mind, but there’s one that stands out the most: I want a divorce. Sometimes this thought surprises us so much that we can’t be sure we really had it…

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