Divorce on the upper east side

What’s Different About Divorce on the Upper East Side?

Wealth, luxury, affluence . . . these are words that often come to mind when thinking about Manhattan’s UES.  A unique neighborhood with a culture all it’s own, everything is different — or so some people think — when you reside here.  Christopher Cameron of Luxury Listings Magazine asks SAS if divorce on the Upper East Side is different for women, too. And while we think divorce is hard no matter where you call home, for a peek into how things can go particularly “imperfectly” in 10028, read our interview.

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  1. Isabell Springer, PhD on January 9, 2018 at 22:27

    Great article. Divorce is difficult for everyone no matter where you live or what your lifestyle is. It is one of the biggest losses of one’s life, and yet it can be the beginning of the greatest journey of your life. Divorce can feel as if you are forcing your entire life through a pin hole and then you get to the other side and know your going to be more than fine. You are resilient and you are a woman so you absolutely can do this!

    • SAS for Women on January 12, 2018 at 12:05

      And you certainly should know, Isabell. Thank you for your comment and your incredible work that has bloomed from this kind of challenge.
      Ladies, check out LovED!

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