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Self Care after Divorce: Loving Our Bodies, Ourselves

Self care after divorce means listening to your inner music

Taking care of ourselves can be challenging on our best days. Work, children, aging parents, pets, email, the car, smartphones—all of them competing in a dizzying buzz for our attention. Yet, self care after divorce is crucial. There’s no one around to casually remind you it’s time for another teeth cleaning or that you seem…

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Why Is Going Back to Work So Hard?


Perhaps it’s because the finances are getting tight … or the kids have gone off to college (and that was always the plan anyways); or maybe you’ve taken a break for medical reasons. Or, you have to go back to work, because you got divorced, and you have to support yourself now. Or maybe you’ve…

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Life After Divorce: 6 Dating Tips on How to Show Up

Life after divorce dating can challenge your confidence.

You might be thinking about dating now that you’ve arrived here in this land of the unknown, your life after divorce; and this particular aspect of it can be intimidating, exciting, and frankly, straight-up terrifying. When my marriage ended I was, or so I thought, eager to start dating, and I set up an online…

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How Do I Make a Change in My Life?

How do I make a change in my life

If you’ve ever wanted to pivot, or make a change in your life, you know where it must begin. It begins with you. This is what probably holds you up in the first place. But if you think about it not meaning absolute perfection, but rather, your taking little steps to reach your goal or…

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Returning to Work: The 40-Year-Old Intern

Does the concept of returning to work paralyze you? Did you stay home to raise your children, care for your parents or recover from your own personal health issue And now, as you think about returning to work, you wonder what can you possibly do? Watch iRelaunch CEO and Co-founder, Carol Fishman Cohen’s TED Talk and learn…

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