Top 6 Tips for an Amicable Divorce

Tips for Amicable Divorce

In the minds of many people, divorce and court trials are inseparable like smoke and fire. A few decades ago, this was the case. Fortunately, there are other options nowadays, namely an amicable divorce, where married couples don’t have to wage war against each other in court. After the adoption of the no-fault divorce law…

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The Best Divorce Help Centers on These 4 Things

Best Divorce Help

The mere prospect of divorce can be overwhelming, lonely, isolating, and confusing. And figuring out where to get the best divorce help, regardless of whether and when you decide, can be daunting. Sometimes the most difficult part of a task is simply getting started. And that’s especially true with something as life-altering as ending a…

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How to Overcome the 6 Hardest Things About Life After Divorce

Life after divorce

People talk a lot about what it’s like to get a divorce, but those conversations don’t often extend to what life after divorce is like. Because, unless you’ve been divorced, you don’t quite get what this next phase is really all about. During divorce, there’s a certain process: you have items to research, things to…

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Suing the Other Woman

Suing the other woman

A recent lawsuit in North Carolina has called attention to the presence of “the other woman” as a cause of divorce. There are only six states left where a woman (or man) can file this kind of lawsuit—the other five being Mississippi, South Dakota, Hawaii, New Mexico and Utah. The legal suit, termed “alienation of…

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How to Divorce Your Husband and Get Everything

How to divorce your husband and get everything by Weheartit

Emotions are tough to excise from a divorce. After all, being unhappy is how you got here in the first place. So, it’s not inconceivable that you would seek to learn how to divorce your husband and get everything. Feelings, however, don’t write divorce laws or sway judges. And fuming into your divorce proceedings with…

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Is Exploring a Cheap Divorce in Your Best Interest?

Is Cheap Divorce worth it?

With divorce fees averaging a whopping $13,000 in the U.S., many couples tend to postpone their divorce until they are ready to fork up the cash for a good lawyer, or they stay trapped in a marriage, believing there is no way out. The truth is that the perfect time may never come. However, remaining…

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The 9 Biggest Divorce Mistakes Women Make

Divorce mistakes women make

Simply hear the word “divorce” and chances are you feel a wave of emotion. Even the most amicably, equitably handled dissolutions are imbued with sadness, disappointment, and loss. But there are divorce mistakes women make that can lead to greater loss than marriage alone. Divorce has a lot of parallels to the death of a…

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How to File for Divorce During Uncertainty

How to file for divorce during uncertain times

Divorce is an obstacle course of flaming hoops, even under the simplest and most amicable conditions. But knowing how to file for divorce when you’re still uncertain is its own form of uncertainty. There’s so much to figure out. Do you stay and work it out when you’re unhappy and unmotivated? Should you start planning…

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