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The Stages of Surviving An Affair

Surviving an Affair

Relationships can be complicated. At the very least, they’re complex because people are complex. And at no time is that more evident than when a married couple is in the throes of surviving an affair. This includes opposing sides of the betrayal, and a possible re-negotiation of commitment to the marriage. Infidelity used to be…

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The Top 7 Things to Know About Postnuptial Agreements

postnuptial agreements

While television, music, movies, and tabloids have brought prenuptial agreements into the spotlight, few people are familiar with postnuptial agreements. This refers to nuptial agreements made after a couple is married. The surprising fact is postnuptial agreements can offer significant benefits to the right couple. Look no further than this Forbes article discussing Jeff Bezos’…

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Choosing Between Separation and Divorce

Separation and divorce by David Clarke for Unsplash

Perhaps you’re undecided… or just not ready. Perhaps you want to ease your way out the door to avoid the responsibility of making a final decision. Or perhaps you simply need time to think about what you have, what you want, and the power you have to connect the two. Whatever your reasons for trying…

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Why A Good Divorce is Better Than a Bad Marriage

Why a Good Divorce is Better Than a Bad Marriage by weheartit.com

Many couples would rather stay married than face the reality of the unknown that divorce brings. For many, divorce can also lead to feelings of guilt or shame or even failure. And yet, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are stuck in a bad marriage, a divorce is the better option for…

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Fearing the Change of Divorce

Facing the fear of Divorce Change Weheartit Size 2

Think back to when you were a small girl and how, when you were little, the prospect of change was exciting. Perhaps you were scared but excited about losing that first tooth. But it meant growing up and that the tooth fairy was coming to reward you for being brave. Do you recall when you…

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Finding Your Sexy Again After Divorce

Finding Your Sexy After Divorce

There must be millions of articles, books, essays, studies and memoirs out there about sex. There are thousands of variations on the topic. People have been philosophizing about this subject in one way or another for eons. Some experts even focus specifically on finding your sexy again after divorce. And not one of them is…

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21 Steps to Moving Out of the House After Divorce

Moving Out Of The House After Divorce

The process of divorce can be tedious and overwhelming. Not to mention, it’s also emotionally draining. Everything requires planning, timing, documenting, and money. And moving out of the house after a divorce is no exception. You would think that deciding who moves out of the marital home during a divorce would be left to the…

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