What is a Divorce Judgement?

Divorce Judgement

There are many legal documents you may face during the course of the divorce process. These may include those certified or sworn by the parties and the judge’s orders. This article will explain what a Divorce Judgement is as well as what other legal documents you may encounter. Keep in mind that a Divorce Judgement…

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How to File for Divorce During Uncertainty

How to file for divorce during uncertain times

Divorce is an obstacle course of flaming hoops, even under the simplest and most amicable conditions. But knowing how to file for divorce when you’re still uncertain is its own form of uncertainty. There’s so much to figure out. Do you stay and work it out when you’re unhappy and unmotivated? Should you start planning…

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How to Make Divorce Cheaper

how to make divorce cheaper

You’ve gone through a lot. Now you just want to get ending your marriage over with. And while a divorce is the only way to move forward sometimes it’s also the problem, especially when it comes to the cost. The estimated cost of getting divorced in the United States is $10,000 to $20,000. Yes, that’s…

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The Divorce Process: What You Must Know as a Woman

divorce process

We work with smart women, and because you’re here, we know you’re one of us. During the divorce process, we also know that sometimes, smart women believe they can outthink their pain, outlogic it. If their pain were a landmark on a map, a deep river splitting the ground in two, they’d lose whole days…

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How to Divorce a Missing Spouse

How to divorce a missing spouse

Marriage doesn’t always work out. Feelings fade away, interests don’t align, and couples drift apart from each other. Sometimes both you and your husband* want nothing more than to be miles apart—you’re no longer bothering to “keep tabs” on each other anymore! But marriage isn’t something you can really walk away from and forget about.…

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The Reality of Divorce in New York

The reality of divorce in New York

People know New York for its glitz, glamour, and grit. Everything is loud, over-caffeinated, and fast-paced. For some who experience the loneliness of all this, there can be the feeling of being left out, of never being enough, of someone else always lining up to take your place you. But despite all of this, or…

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